Christian Success: Having Strength To Help Others

Robert Harris
October 2020

Everybody who lives long in this life reaches the place where he can’t help himself.

It is said of Jesus Christ, He could save others, but Himself He could not save.  It is likewise said of the Apostle Paul, he healed many people, but could not heal himself.

When Christ and Paul could not do anything for themselves, they helped others.  This point of truth we need to take as individuals in our day and time.  Of course, we are going to come against impasses.

We are going to come down where the road is narrow and sometimes at a dead end, but when we cannot help ourselves, if we will look around, we’ll see someone who needs help, and as we lose ourselves in helping others, we gain victory and strength to go on.

Christian living is not to back up.  Christian living is the most forward movement man has ever met.

Jesus commissioned His disciples to go into all the world.  Never did He tell them to back up, back out, try to go around, try to go over, He said, “Onward!”

If we could divorce ourselves from selfishness and become servants to others and to God, we would find out in the time when we cannot help ourselves, we gain help by helping those who are in need.

So, seek out somebody and help him today.  Success is to find a need and fill it.