Brandon Bier

Robert Conrad
September 2022

When Brandon Bier was a young boy, he was always fascinated by big trucks like the one his dad drove. He knew that he wanted to become a trucker just like his dad and he's been able to make that dream a reality! Brandon's dad bought this classic 1984 Peterbilt 359 back in 1996, and it sat for quite some time before they restored it, putting new frame rails on in the process. The end results speak for themselves, and this black beauty is the definition of "old school cool !"

The roof was completely cleaned up and an old school polished visor sits over the windshield. A period correct red bug shield sits on the front of the hood, along with a majestic chrome swan. A 425 CAT sits under the hood, and it's paired up with an 18 speed and a set of 3:55 rears. The 265" wheelbase looks longer thanks to painted fuel tanks and custom battery box fronts. Brandon has also added Hogebuilt 1/4 fenders along with a set of straight pipes and a painted rear light bar. The interior is original besides the seats & carpet and features custom pinstripes on the dash.

Make no mistake, this isn't a garage queen that Brandon takes to truck shows on weekends. He works it every day since the restoration, turning heads no matter where he goes! He's just beginning his trucking career, but even though he's only been driving for 2 years, his old school work ethic makes him seem like a 50-year veteran of the highway.

Brandon is still tinkering with this old school 359, working it daily while doing so. Movin' Out & yours truly definitely have a soft spot for classic iron, and we'd like to salute Brandon Bier & his jet-black beauty by choosing them as our September 2022 Working Show Truck of the Month! Keep on truckin' Brandon and keep those wheels turning!