​Best Gift Ever!

Pam Pollock
January 2019

Many of you have been following my journey as a grandparent (or Gaga, as the grandkids call me) over the past six years. My heart exploded with love and pride when my first grandchild, Mackenna arrived six years ago on December 29th. I was worried that I could never feel that same love and pride with any other grandchildren – but I was wrong, oh-so-very-wrong! My heart continued to explode with love and pride when Althea arrived in April of 2015 and when Declan arrived in January of 2016.

My daughter and her husband had decided, when they were in high school and dating (18 years ago!) that they wanted 4 children. This past Easter they announced that baby #4 (or BK4) would be joining the Clan in November. They decided not to find out whether BK4 was a boy or a girl, nor did they announce the names they had picked out and this fact kind of drove old Gaga nuts. I had guessed boy at the very beginning and held steadfast onto that thought until about 10 days before BK4 made its worldwide debut. I then thought girl but wavered back and forth with thinking boy.

IT’S A GIRL!!!! Opehlia Adélie arrived on November 16, 2018 at 11:52 pm and weighed 7 lb. 10 oz. and was 20” long. And once more, my heart exploded with love and pride! She is healthy and beautiful and oh-so-very-loved by her 3 older siblings and all of our Clan.

Ophelia arrived on my deadline day for the December issue of Movin’ Out but I had a feeling this would happen and so I moved that deadline up a day. Steve and I took Mackenna, Althea and Declan to the hospital the next day to meet their baby sister. It was a chaotic, wonderful, fabulous time! Ophelia was greeted with cheers and lots of hugs and kisses.

Ophelia Adélie – never forget that you are loved, little girl. You truly are our best Thanksgiving/Christmas gift ever! I love coming over in the mornings and grabbing a quick cuddle from you. I have to fight off your siblings for my turn to hold you but that is ok because we all love and adore you so very, very much. I like to hold your hand; your long fingers will wrap around mine. You are usually sleeping, which amazes me because there is always so much going on in your family’s house. I sing to you, offkey of course, and you will give me a sweet little smile. My favorite thing is when I snuggle you and you curl up in my neck. I do believe that we both exhale little sighs of contentment.

Part of me wants you to be a tiny baby forever – what if you are my very last grandbaby? And then there is the part of me that can’t wait for you to join Pap Steve, me and your siblings on our grand adventures – whether it is just dinner and a movie or going to the zoo, the museum or nature walks.

My darling Ophelia Adélie, my wish for you is to always know how much you are loved. The meaning of your name Ophelia is “help”. I hope you have a kind and loving heart and strive to help others. I wish you days of utter joy and happiness and nights of peace and contentment. I hope you gaze up at the sky and wish upon a star and then make that wish a reality. Always know that because of you, this Gaga’s heart has quadrupled in size and is bursting with love and pride and joy. You are loved, Ophelia, so very, very loved.