​“Before You Jump, See The General”

Robert Harris
September 2017

There was a time in England’s history when suicide was at a high rate and the famous London Bridge seemed to be the designated place for committing the act.

And when General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army heard of the suicides, he commissioned one of his officers to take a sign to the point where people were jumping.

The sign simply read, “Before You Jump, See The General.”

Many who came to that position left the desire to live no longer, went to talk with the General and their lives were saved.

Too often we jump without seeing the General. The General to whom I refer is Jesus Christ. He has the answer to life’s problems. He has the light that dispels darkness. He has the way that leads from the wilderness into streets of gold and through gates of pearl.

Most of us have information. Few of us are willing to make the application. We listen to what He has to say but never do anything at all about it. The man who gets what God has in store for him is the man who learns what is in the provision and then he yields himself in total obedience to follow Christ.

Before you jump, see the General. Someone once said, “If you do not want people jumping down your throat, keep your mouth shut.” That’s good advice, but if we go see the General, He sweetens life and leads us to victory.