​A 2020 New Year’s Resolution

Fernando DeMoura
January 2020

The beginning of January is a good time to take a step back and look at what can be improved. For most of 2019 when peoplewould call about purchasing one of our in-house rebuilt DDEC III or DDEC IV replacement ECMs I told them we were sold out,but I could put them on a waiting list. As the year went on that list grew. Not having enough replacement ECMs turned into a realproblem. It’s a problem for ECM repair jobs that have too much damage to fix and it’s a problem for guys who wantprogramming but can’t afford the downtime.

So…what’s my 2020 my new year’s resolution? To boost production of our DCS rebuilt replacement DDEC III and DDEC IV ECMs while keeping the price per ECM at or below $1200. Over the last two years the supply of good DDEC cores has gone down and as a result the price of good rebuildable DDECs has gone up. So, something’s got to give, and quality control isn’t something I’m willing to compromise. In 2020 I’m going to build more DDEC III and DDEC IV test benches that will be able to run automated injector, Jake, fan drive, and cruise control tests. I’m also keeping a jobs total costs in proportion with how much total work is needed. Someone who is able to provide an ECM with their original programming intact isn’t going to pay as much as someone who sent in a core from a junkyard and needs me to find a program based on a serial number and a VIN. I’ve also had to become less flexible when it comes to policies related to DCS service agreements, warranties, pricing, and cores. I want to be fair to customers who are waiting to get back on the road or waiting for a DCS rebuilt replacement ECM.

By keeping things fair for everyone I can give each job the time and attention it deserves.

Written by Fernando DeMoura, Diesel Control Service. Phone 412-327-9400. Website: www.dieselcontrolservice.com