9th Annual Southern Classic Truck Show

Steve Ford
April 2019

On October 13th we held our 9th Annual Southern Classic truck show, once again at the beautiful Lee Hi Travel Plaza in Lexington Virginia. We arrived Thursday evening to a lot full of freight haulers doing their reckless freight hauler driving style through the lot, high rates of speed and parking wherever they please. But by Friday afternoon Jimmy Rosenberger, Jack Gunther, and Mike Welch had chased the few remaining out making room for the true professionals to fill the lot and fill the lot they did, 170 large rides packed into the lower lot! 60 of them participated in the parade thru the town of downtown Lexington.

One thing that impresses me every year is the amount of trucks that come that I have never seen before and when talking to the owners, I’m told that they don’t go to shows and the Southern Classic is the only show they will show their truck. Throughout the day participants and spectators could listen to music, check out all the rides and the record number of vendors we had this year including.

Thank you to all of the vendors that attended. We also had an awesome KIDS ZONE set up with face painting, tattoos, 5 in 1 moonbounce, cornhole and more. We LOVE our trucking friends and family and hope you that you enjoyed YOUR day!! AND a big thank you as well to all of those that helped us make it all happen, staff, family, friends, donating friends for door prizes, goody bag stuff, sponsors, vendors and all the rest! We don’t want to begin listing because we’re fearful that we may unintentionally leave someone out, so we’ll leave it as is! MANY played a part in making it what it was, and we can’t begin to thank you enough.

The date for this year’s event is October 19th at LeeHi Travel Plaza once again as we celebrate our 10th Annual event. You can find out more info about the event via our Facebook event page. Hope to see you there!

Photos by: Steve Ford, CJ Nairn, Matt Cutts & Rob Murray

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