2021 Victory Road Truck Show

Pam Pollock
January 2022

SAXONBURG, PA… Blue skies, shiny trucks, and a warm and beautiful Autumn day all contributed to make the 2nd Annual Victory Road Truck Show a great show.  The truck show, hosted by Long Haul Custom Detailing and Pittsburgh Power was held at the Victory Road Business Truck Park, 3600 S. Noah Dr. in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania.   

The folks at Pittsburgh Power, located across the street from Long Haul Custom Detailing, had an eye-catching and very festive balloon arch, created by Aimee in the front of their building.  Aimee was very popular with the young children as she twisted balloons into all sorts of animals, swords, and hats.  Owner Bruce Mallinson even tried his hand at creating some balloon…. somethings…

Pittsburgh Power had their popular live dyno runs again, this year featuring two large screen TVs, which displayed both horsepower and torque numbers.  A petting zoo welcomed truck attendees at the entrance to Victory Road.  Food trucks were serving up delicious food on either side of the street.

Long Haul Custom Detailing had several vendors inside their building, as well as raffle prizes and giveaways. 

The shining stars of the day, the 93 trucks gleaming and basking in the sunlight were parked and on display at both Long Haul Custom Detailing and Pittsburgh Power. 

Long Haul Custom Detailing has just announced that next year’s Victory Road Truck Show and Classic Car and Bike Corral will be held at a new location, the Butler County Farm Show Grounds, 625 Evans City Road, in Butler, PA  16001 on September 24, 2022, and will feature Pick-up and Semi-Truck Pulls.  See our Calendar of Events in this issue of Movin’ Out for all of the details.