2021 Mayberry Truck Show Dazzled

Chad Violet
March 2022

Mayberry 2021, the hopes of a nice, family oriented show for a good cause exceeds expectations and sets a ben

chmark for all other shows to live up to. Mitchell Bottomley assembled a small group to help organize a truck show for charity of a local organization and the turn out comes from all points of the country. With a registration of 302 trucks, Mitchell shows why show organizers across the country are taking note of what happened in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Mt. Airy North Carolina

The week of the show, trucks began pulling in as Mitchell offered his indoor wash facility and shop bays for pre-show polishing. As the entrants arrived, they were parked systematically to accommodate the layout. By show day, the stage was set, vendors in place, trucks parked, registration complete and gates open to the public. Trucks from across the country near and far came to Mayberry in support of Mitchell and his goal to raise money for Brenner Children's Hospital of Winston Salem, NC. After the award ceremony on Saturday an auction was held for starting position spots of the convoy to downtown Mayberry. When the final bid was placed, donations counted, a check was presented on stage to Brenner for $351,466… an absolutely unprecedented amount for any truck show to date.

The awards ceremony had dozens of awards being handed out by Mitchell on stage. The most anticipated award of Best in Show went to Robert Burleson of Jack Hicks Inc. Chad Violet designed the “Great 8”, “Best Of” specialty and “Best in Show” awards that were unlike no other seen at a truck show. Stainless steel with etched Lexan glass aluminated by remote control under glow lighting. The trophies were built in coordination with Dickerson Custom Trucks under the supervision of Mike Horan.

Immediately following the awards, the convoy lined up and pulled out traveling 30 plus miles through the countryside going through the historic downtown Mayberry where the Barney Fife lookalike was on duty watching the parade of chrome. Once back at the show, the concerts by Steven Molanders and Tony Justice played into the night topped off with a huge fireworks display.

To say the Mayberry Show was a success would be an understatement. This show is at a point at year one that many have not reached in ten or more. The support coming from all points of the country is overwhelming. Although it was a great turn out for so many, the winners are the kids, patience and families of the Brenner Hospital. The Mayberry Show will be an ongoing event, so make sure to include this event in your 2022 shows to attend. 

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