2021 Carlisle Truck Nationals Shatters Records

November 2021

Records are made to be broken, or so it’s said.  For the 2021 Carlisle Truck Nationals presented by A&A Auto Stores, not only was a new record for show truck turnout achieved, but it was also SHATTERED.  2,513 trucks toppled the previous mark of 2,109 (set in 2002) and gave the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds and those within its fence line a look like never before.

August 6-8 were dates that for weeks were targeted as a potential outlet for yet another Showfield record in 2021 for Carlisle Events.  After all, in the hours before the show opened, the pre-registration total nearly matched all of 2020’s turnout.  This, combined with the fact that multiple Showfield records have been broken in Carlisle throughout the 2021 season, gave everyone a reasonable expectation that it would indeed happen again.

As the sun rose over the grounds on day one, an anxious group of truck clubs, truck enthusiasts and truck owners converged for one of the largest truck shows in the mid-Atlantic.  Special displays included fire trucks, Syclones and Typhoons (SyTys), cool custom vans, big rigs, lowered trucks and even tractors.  These eye-catching pieces of production offered the perfect backdrop for photos, smiles and memories to last a lifetime.  In addition, guests were treated to special entertainment activities like monster truck rides and shows, axe throwing, FMX stunt jumps, a Motocross skills and demo show, and more. 

As Friday transitioned to Saturday guests were again treated to a jam-packed event with truck fun and competitions.  The fun started at 7 a.m., with the record-breaking truck entering the grounds sometime before 10 a.m.  From there, a steady stream of trucks and truck lovers rode their wave of fun throughout the day and into the night.  The crescendo of the night, the big rig glow show, lasted nearly 2 hours, from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.  Monster truck fun continued with the rides and shows from Shockwave and Be Aware, plus the grandstands were packed for low truck limbo and the high truck competition, The night also kept the party going with drop and drag, and the aforementioned glow show. 

As records go, the big rig area also welcomed a record of sorts, as nearly 200 rigs hauled in to line the south side of the grounds between Gates 7 and 1 with haulers, rigs, wreckers, and heavy machinery.  Big rigs were such a part of the weekend that many trucking companies were on-site recruiting, while dozens more owner/operators were judged for awards consideration, with many hauling out with trophies.

Carlisle Truck Nationals Big Rig Winners

Conventional Cab Over Tractor-Sleeper: 1ST-Pine Oaks, 2005 Peterbilt 379;  2ND-Brian King, 2017 Kenworth W900L; 3RD-50/50 Trucking Inc, 2008 Peterbilt 389 

Conventional Cab Over Tractor-Day Cab: 1ST-Rhoda Ann Mielke, Trenton Mill Farms, 2007 Peterbilt 379; 2ND-Isaiah Robinson, BHL Company, 2018 Peterbilt 389; 3RD-John Dietz, Dietz Transport; 1996 Kenworth W-9 

Dump Truck - Triple Axle & Up: 1ST-Jim Hobbs, Hobbs Trucking Inc., 2019 Peterbilt 389; 2ND-Joan Hobbs , J & J Motoring Inc.  2021 Peterbilt 389; 3RD-Colleen Mongold, Barrasso Excavation Inc , 2020 Kenworth 389 Long Nose

Dump Truck - Single Axle & Up: 1ST- Charles E. Brake Transport, 2008 Ford F750

Small & Medium Roll Back: 1ST- Bill Warner &  Son Tow, 1981 Peterbilt 359 ex hood; 2ND-Pellas Towing & Recovery, 2020 Dodge Ram 5500; 3RD-  Thomas Placer, Flashback F100's, 2020 Peterbilt 337 

Large Roll Back: 1ST - Beltway Paving, 2013 Kenworth T800; 2ND- Leahy's Towing  2021 Kenworth T270

Small & Medium Wrecker: 1ST-Pellas Towing & Recovery, 2018 Ram 5500; 2ND -James Ellerman, River Drive Service Center  2006 Kenworth T-300

Large Wrecker:  1ST- HJ Towing, 2019 Peterbilt 389

Straight, Box & Flatbed Truck: 1ST-Russell Probst, Classic Rock Fabrication, 1985 Peterbilt 359

Construction & Service Truck: 1ST-Randy Bostic, Iron Horse Maintenance, 2017 Peterbilt 389; 2ND-Colleen Mongold, Barrasso Excavation Inc, 1996 Kenworth T300; 3RD-Robert Liebherr, 2015 Kenworth T-270 

SPECIAL TRUCK: 1ST-Tucker Hyman, Rolling Acres Landscaping, 1995 Kenworth W900;  2ND-J. Ferrell Custom Trucks LLC,2021 GMC Sierra Dually; 3RD -James Ellerman, River Drive Service Center  2016 Ford F-650   

Tractor Trailer Combo: 1ST-John Jaikes, Precision Transport, 1999 Kenworth W900L; 2ND- J. Ferrell Custom Trucks LLC, 2016 Peterbilt 389;  3RD-Mike Satoro, Larick Towing, 2013 Peterbilt 388 

Antique: 1ST- Dom Folino Construction, 1989 Mack RW;  2ND-Matthew Linski, L & L Truck Repair, 1979 Kenworth W900; 3RD-Tom & Angie Merkle, Merkle Logistics, 1986 Mack MH 

Military: 1ST-Rodney Keckler, 1971 Kaiser Military 

Car Carrier: 1ST-Eddie Sprague, Marco's Auto Transport, 2020 Peterbilt; 2ND- Kris Kaminski, 2018 Peterbilt 389

Best Of Show: Todd Gribble, 2016 Peterbilt 389

Best Interior: Billy Zirkle, 2014 Peterbilt 389

Best Custom Chrome: Todd Gribble, 2016 Peterbilt 389

Best Graphics: 50/50 Trucking, 2008 Peterbilt 389

Best Truck Name: Herb & Rex Gregg, 2000 Kenworth

Best Sleeper: Vinny Ippolito, 2016 International Lonestar

Best Paint: J. Ferrell Custom Trucks,  2016 Peterbilt 389

Best Lights: John & Kim Jaikes, 1999 Kenworth W-900L

Movin’ Out’s Choice: 50/50 Trucking, 2008 Peterbilt 389

Bill Miller’s Choice: Brothers, 1989 Mack RW713

Large Car Magazine’s Choice: Glenn Myer, 1985 Kenworth K100

Best Fleet: 1st: Hunter Contracting; 2nd: H.J. Towing; 3rd: Barrasso Excavation Inc

Largest Fleet Challenge: 1st: Hunter Contracting; 2nd: H.J. Towin; 3rd: Hobbs Trucking

Coolest Convoy: H.J. Towing

It all wrapped on Sunday with two awards parades, one for the rigs and another for the standard trucks.  There was also one last go around for the monster trucks, stunt riders and the Bwana Jim wildlife show, before everyone hit the road for home.  As guests left, many pre-registered for next year, saving a little money off their costs along the way.  2022 dates are firmed up and plans are ongoing now for the event, taking place August 5-7. Details can be found at www.CarlisleEvents.com.