11th Annual LargeCarMag Southern Classic

Steve Ford
May 2021

LargeCarMag Southern Classic was held October 17, 2020 at the beautiful LeeHi Travel for its 11th Annual. It was the last show that I/we would attend or cover this year, and of the show’s that we were able to attend/cover there was one constant.  Every show was bigger. With that in mind, we tried our best to be prepared for a larger turnout for the Southern Classic but honestly, we failed. You guys just kept coming in Thursday night.  It was awesome, yet overwhelming! So, we would like to apologize to those that showed up Saturday morning and could not get down to park with the rest of the trucks, we were completely out of room and still had to get trucks out for the parade!  

With that said, THANK YOU to all of you that came! We had beautiful weather, a great location with awesome owners/managers/staff doing their part and then some, over 300 trucks in attendance, a fantastic parade, DJ that played the American anthem at noon and there wasn’t a sound to be heard except all people stopping what they were doing and putting hand to heart while reciting it (with tears in eyes), and last but not least, an amazing concert by Tony Justice and his band! As always, we had lots of great vendors, a huge kids area and if you left the show hungry, then you just didn’t want to eat! We had over 100 of the trucks register for the parade thru the town of Lexington with police escort, but only about 70 participated…we think they were kind of stuck in their spot for the weekend. To get over 300 trucks packed into a space that really only holds 200 trucks comfortably, we had Jack Gunther, Robert Jett and Cory Johnston handling the stressful job of parking and we would like to send a BIG HUGE thanks to them. We also need to thank all of those that donated items to the goody bags, door prizes and monetary donations.  We had  volunteers, friends and staff working registration, kids area, LCM booth, assembling goody bag and door prize items, photographers, parking, parade assistants, James Hoffman and Susan (Suzanne) Doty for the kick ass meals (and desserts) to feed our large group, all of the guys helping us lifting/moving things/putting up banners, those of you ladies that were our side kicks and helped look after our girls this year since we had to bring them along.  (Last time our daughter Kelly attended, she was in Michele’s belly in 2014 and forced her arrival early on the Sunday upon arriving home!!) Can’t forget the truckers themselves along with their families and the spectators!  There are SO many people to thank that make this a successful event each and every time…thank you ALL so much for your part.    We sure hope everyone had a good time. I know some of the trucks were left out of the coverage, but it was so packed we just couldn’t get pictures of every truck, so apologies to those that were missed. There may be some big news coming soon on the 2021 Southern Classic so keep an eye on our social media pages!  

Photos by CJ Nairn, Joe Seaman, Bruce Secrist, Steve Ford, Matt Cutts, Jack Gunther