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​ Why 48 To 52 Should Matter To You

By Steve Pollock

January, 2018

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK… With operating costs rising, and regulators up in everyone’s grill over hours of service and electronic logging devices (ELD), it seems the entire industry has their hand in a driver’s pocket these days. When you consider that the industry recognized median income of a truck driver is roughly $48,000 annually, there’s not much to grab in the first place.

Cash flow is king of the road, and when it feels as if all the money is flowing out it can be hard for drivers to remember why they got into trucking in the first place. Driving used to be a fun and rewarding profession, back when drivers were in charge. TBS Factoring Service has a plan to put drivers back in the driver’s seat.

It’s called 48 to 52. The goals are simple: To increase the median driver take home pay for their clients from $48,000 to $52,000 in 2018, and to turn trucking back into a profession where new drivers and owner-operators can start a career, not just a job.

The program begins with TBS’s already competitive rates on freight bill factoring, which open the door to higher-paying loads, lower brokerage commissions, free roadside assistance, and savings on everything from fuel and tires to insurance and ELD units.

Helping truckers reclaim control of their lives and businesses is a passion for TBS President Jennifer Fogg, a seasoned business executive who joined TBS in 2016 after more than 20 years as a corporate CEO, leading management consultant and executive coach.

As an outsider, Jennifer shared some of the wrong-headed perceptions of trucks and truck drivers held by many in the general public. It did not take her long after joining TBS to realize that:

•Trucking is vital to our economy

•Drivers are misunderstood

•Drivers are taken advantage of

•Most drivers are underpaid

With 48 to 52, TBS, already known as an industry leader, is re-dedicating itself to its long-held mission of improving the lives of professional truck drivers.

As Jennifer states, “We will do everything but drive the truck for our clients.”

The folks at TBS realize that when you own a truck, it is a cab with an office attached. And while TBS offers clients a variety of cash flow products, it is the entire package of services that distinguishes it from other factoring companies.

Factoring, of course, is the assignment of payment on a freight bill to a “factor”— in exchange for immediate cash, minus a small fee paid to the factor to cover the collection risk and convenience of faster cash flow. Factored load settlements are paid within hours of delivery versus days, weeks or even months if direct billed by the carrier.

TBS uses Transflow, Trip Pak and FedEx Document Services, along with their own document-scanning app to expedite document transfers for reimbursement. It also offers free credit checks on freight brokers and companies for their clients, load advances of 40-50%, and will defer up to 50% of the down payments on insurance premiums through select insurance providers.

They have implemented a Fuel Finder App and negotiated fuel discounts of up to 35 cents per gallon through TBS fuel cards to help drivers save money when purchasing fuel. And they recently began offering easy-to-use, low-cost, fee-free ELD and free roadside assistance through an agreement with leading ELD maker One20.

TBS can also file for Motor Carrier (MC) Authority and is the second largest private issuer of MC Authorities, behind OOIDA. They also provide a compliance start up bundle, with a compliance and insurance review and compliance walkthrough.

At TBS, they believe that professional truck drivers deserve the same respect and courtesy as any small business owner. Clients can call TBS at any hour with a question.

Founded in 1968 as a small truckers’ fuel tax and permitting services business, TBS has evolved into a transportation technology organization that finances small businesses. Dennis Kaufman purchased the company in 1991. His son, Wood, joined the company in 1998 and started the factoring service in 2004. Wood Kaufman then spearheaded the growth of the company over the next decade.

Today, TBS Factoring Services has over 225 employees and the company recently moved into a 50,000 square foot office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Customer service is job #1 at TBS. With over 11,000 clients, TBS is proud to provide services that exceed the value of their clients’ fees, and ultimately to help each and every driver reach that new level of professional satisfaction. To contact TBS Factoring Services, call 800-207-7661 or visit them online at