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Truck N Roll En Coeur Rolls Into Quebec

By Matt Conrad

January, 2018

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Truck N Roll En Coeur is a North of the Border show that is a must see event! The event is held every August in Bedford Quebec. 

Some of the main sponsors who help to make the show happen are Diesel Spec, Transport Magazine, and Groupe Gamache Trucks from all over begin to arrive Friday afternoon. On Friday trucks who have arrived stage and parade through the beautiful town of Bedford Quebec. Afterwards the trucks go back to the show field and stage for what is always an eventful weekend.

Saturday is another action packed day beginning with trucks starting to roll in throughout the day. In the afternoon the truck show also has trucks pulls, sponsored by Diesel Spec. Attendees have the opportunity to watch some of the coolest trucks out of Canada show off the power under their hoods.

Sunday is the part of the show where tears are shed by most. After the awards ceremony for the drivers to have a chance at receiving a trophy the event staff helps to sell balloons by accepting donations. After everyone purchases a balloon everyone gathers in the center of the show field. Once everyone is together trucks start to blow their train horns and everyone lets their balloons go and fly up into the air. Each balloon that is let into the air represents a little child who has either passed on or is suffering from heart disease.

This show was truly one of the greatest shows I have ever attended - to see what all of the drivers do by getting together to help raise money for such a great cause truly allows everyone to see how great the trucking community is. Lebeau Menick and his crew are a huge part in creating such an amazing event that’s for a great cause. With well over 200 trucks every year this show continues to grow year after year.

For more info on the show you can search Truck N Roll En Coeur on Facebook where you will find the official truck show page. If you want to enjoy a weekend of truck filled fun that you will truly never forget make sure you mark your calendars for next years Truck N Roll En Coeur.

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