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Rand McNally Unveils its Next Generation of Truck GPS Devices

July, 2017

Industry leader Rand McNally, which pioneered and built the truck-specific GPS market with its innovative TND line, recently unveiled a new lightning quick, cutting-edge device for professional drivers, the TND 740. The long-awaited device, the fifth generation TND, is built on a new proprietary platform that enables over-the-air updates as well as a host of new driver-focused features.

The faster, sleeker TND 740 was designed to save drivers time. A powered magnetic mount makes it simpler to take the device on and off the mount in the truck; over-the-air updates for maps and other content happen seamlessly in place of docking and downloading; and a quad-core processor delivers unparalleled power and smooth and responsive navigation.

“Our TND line has led the truck GPS market since the first device launched in 2009. With every new generation of product, we challenge ourselves to take leaps, not steps, forward,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. “The new TND 740 device and platform delivers exceptional advanced features and superior engineering to deliver on that challenge.”

Key new features of the TND740 include:

•A magnetic mount that powers the device, making it easier to take the TND 740 on and off the mount, in and out of the truck

•Seamless, over-the-air map updates that occur when connected to Wi-Fi vs. having to dock the device with a computer1

•Lifetime Maps and Traffic Everywhere for up-to-date navigation

•Updated maps and map design with icons that are easier to recognize at a glance

•Audio-out capability, enabling drivers to route their device sound through their truck audio systems

•A higher resolution 7-inch screen with a brighter display

•Twice as much storage capacity

•A faster quad core processor

The TND 740 also comes pre-loaded with the Rand McNally Driver Connect logbook app and Bluetooth capability, which enables pairing with ELD devices – so the device is ELD-ready when drivers are ready. The app pairs with Rand McNally’s previously announced ELD 50 and DC 200 plug-in devices to provide an Electronic Logging solution.2

As a bonus, Rand McNally has teamed up with Progressive Insurance on a program to help drivers financially as the electronic logging mandate deadline approaches: Drivers who purchase a Rand McNally ELD 50 or DC 200, become a Progressive customer for their primary commercial liability insurance, and begin using the electronic logging device and sharing data, will receive up to $500 in gift cards from Progressive. Please see the accompanying sidebar release for details on Progressive’s Smart HaulSM program

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1User is responsible for all third party data charges associated with Wi-Fi

2ELD 50 and DC 200 sold separately and require monthly service plans.