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​Preventive Maintenance & Repairs

By Homer Hogg, Director of Technical Service,

March, 2018

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Fleet maintenance managers and owner operators know that an effective preventive maintenance program helps protect the longevity of a vehicle and control costs. Running a vehicle past the recommended interval and performing poor inspections can lead to more breakdowns, inevitably driving up the number of repairs between maintenance checks. The TA Truck Service team understands this, which is why we offer a comprehensive preventive maintenance system designed to keep our customers’ vehicles running safely and on schedule. 

A short walk around a modern truck and a quick look inside the cab reveals why a comprehensive electrical systems check is highly recommended as part of any PM program. The rise of electronic devices such as Collision Avoidance, Electronic Logging Devices and APUs place a high demand on the charging and cranking systems. Batteries, alternators and associated circuits and their components are working harder than ever to keep pace with this demand.

Using modern test equipment to reveal the condition of these components will help identify any defects before they put you out of service at 3 a.m. Our trained and ASE certified technicians will examine these systems, identify any issues and recommend solutions. An electrical check can be requested and added to any PM Service. If repairs are necessary, our team is always ready to take care of them with quality parts backed by a nationwide warranty.

With today’s technology, manufacturers have tremendously improved the on-board diagnostic capabilities of trucks. This allows our technicians to offer customers a diagnostic check on their vehicle, which entails hooking up our JPRO advanced computerized diagnostic tool in order to capture active and inactive codes. These codes are printed and reviewed with the customer during their PM service. Most repairs can be completed in our bays, helping drivers get their vehicles back on the road in a timely manner. As on-board computer systems continue to grow in complexity, we are constantly working to ensure our diagnostic tools and equipment are up to date.

After-treatment maintenance and repairs are quickly climbing towards the top of maintenance costs for most truck owners. Two years ago we expanded our scope of services to include after-treatment diagnostics, repairs and DPF cleaning at over 30 locations and counting. Our technicians can perform pneumatic or thermal cleaning of your DPF filter and have it back in your truck so you can hit the road within 24 hours. That means improved vehicle performance, increased fuel economy, less downtime, a longer DPF life, fewer regenerations and overall lower maintenance costs for drivers

TA-Petro also offers unique services, such as annual DOT inspections. Our certified technicians can identify any defects and complete the necessary repairs to get your truck or trailer back on the road. We can give you the comfort of knowing that your truck will be safe and able to pass any roadside inspections.

At TA Truck Service, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers. This passion is what drives us and keeps us concentrated on evolving alongside the needs of our customers. Offering electrical systems checks, after-treatment inspections and cleaning are just a few of the new services we have in our lineup, and we will continue to add to our scope of service so we can keep uptime high and give customers the ability to remain competitive in their space. Although the processes and equipment will continue to change over time, one thing that will likely remain for years to come is the need for an old fashion PM inspection.

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