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​Plasma Igniter Chief Visionary says President Trump Made Right Decision-Free-Market Solutions are Answer

July, 2017

MORGANTOWN, WV… Plasma Igniter, LLC announced that world-renowned presenter and chief visionary for the revolutionary Plasma Igniter Ignition System, Dr. James Smith, in reaction to President Trump’s announcement on the Paris Climate Agreement, stated, “I believe the energy and transportation sectors are on course to dramatically change (lower) fuel consumption and emissions over the next decade. These dramatic changes will achieve hoped-for results of the Paris Climate Agreement without that agreement’s no-value punitive components. Everyone in civil society wants a clean environment, and free-market solutions that have advanced the life of humankind (more than anything else) will deliver here as well. But we must balance that desire with the need to advance civilization. They are not mutually exclusive. By fostering an environment in which business can grow, real solutions will appear-as they are every day in sectors that matter.”

Recently Dr. Smith was the keynote speaker and presented five authored papers at a leading international conference in Vienna, Italy to the group of esteemed participants representing 58 countries. In addition to Dr. Smith’s keynote address “Mankind and Energy - That’s Why,” he has co-authored five papers entitled, “The Future of Solar Energy,” “Hard to Beat a Gallon of Gasoline,” “Is Coal Dying a Slow Death,” “Is Current Wind Power Sustainable,” and “The Future Role of Natural Gas In the Global Energy Economy.”

Dr. Smith is also Professor and Director of the Center for Industrial Research Applications in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at West Virginia University. In 2009, Dr. Smith served as President of SAE international (Society of Automotive Engineers); he is a sought-after speaker, the 2016 Recipient of National Association of Entrepreneurship’s prestigious Eagle Award for Innovation and Science, and the recent inductee in the National Academy of Inventors.

“President Trump has made the right decision. The Paris Climate Agreement damages American ingenuity at a time when we are leading the very change the Paris Agreement wants,” said Dr. Smith., of Plasma Igniter, LLC. “Free-market unsubsidized solutions will carry the day, because by nature they have to be the best. And they really are if we just look. We are seeing advances that nobody dreamed of even a few years ago. Many in the scientific community recognize these solutions are happening today, but too little focus is on these solutions (our discourse focuses instead only on nonsensical whims of the day). With new nearly zero-emission vehicles around the corner, cleaner more efficient power generation of all types underway, and countless other potential advances, we are poised to see growth in prosperity, jobs and lifestyle advancements (including environment) like we have only seen in limited sectors. Innovators combined with entrepreneurs are leading this charge.”

Plasma Igniter LLC, is the exclusive technology development team and licensor for the Plasma Igniter Ignition System. This is the new suite of technologies significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions in combustion engines. In April 2017 PI began its international licensing program and has recently entered into agreement for the United States car, light-truck, and fleet-vehicle aftermarkets, and Military applications, and is in early discussions with nearly a dozen other potential licensee candidates.