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​Page Trucking And The Titus Family – From Settlers To Modern Day Transportation

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September, 2017

The Titus’s family roots date back to 1805 when Platt Titus was one of the first settlers in Cato, New York. [Cato is located about 8 miles from the town of Weedsport.) Platt’s son Herbert and his son Palmer started farming, growing corn and raising cattle. Palmer and his son Herbie expanded the farm/commodity business to 5,000 acres and also established the first Fire Department in Cato, serving as Fire Chief for 50 years. 

In 1977 Herbert’s great grandson Keith Titus founded the Keith Titus Corporation on the family farm, performing roadside repairs and transporting agricultural commodities, laying the foundation for Page Trucking. The business diversified from general bulk transport (Page Transportation) to specialized hazmat bulk transport(Page ETC, Environmental Trucking Company) and later to hauling molten metals. The company acquired the operating assets of a defunct transportation company, which was owned by one of the metal smelters. As the Page Trucking name was well known, the Titus family decided to expand upon it with Page MTC (Molten Trucking Company). With the acquisition, Page Trucking was able to continue to employ many people with knowledge and experience in the molten metals industry. To date Page Trucking has moved over 1billion pounds of molten metal.

The development and growth of the company was not without its setbacks. As Herbert once stated, “A good lesson isn’t cheap and a cheap lesson isn’t any good.

Keith Titus’s wife Debbie took over the business in 1999 while it was struggling through an economic downturn and the unexpected passing of the founder, Keith Titus. She was urged to liquidate, but instead mortgaged her house to save the business. Keith had discouraged his children, Dan and Piper from joining the family business until they had gained experience at other companies. In 2003, after passing on law school and working as a financial services broker, Dan joined the company to help his mother turn things around and in 2005; Page Trucking finally turned a profit. In 2008 Dan’s sister Piper, an MBA Business graduate left the accounting firm she was working for, setting the stage for Dan and Piper to purchase the company from their mother Debbie in 2012.

Today Dan is CEO/President of Page Trucking and oversees the operational end of the company and Piper is CFO in charge of financial operations. Together Dan, Piper and many loyal drivers and employees have turned Page Trucking into a 100 million dollar company, operating over 1,000 pieces of equipment. Page has about 500 power units and approximately 400 are leased contractors. “We are a family of dedicated transporters who have been supporting the Most Professional Drivers and serving our customers for 36 years,” said Dan Titus.

Page Trucking goes to market as Page Transportation, Page E.T.C.(Environmental Trucking Company), Page M.T.C.(Molten Trucking Company) and PMM (Page Material Management), all of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Keith Titus Corp. The company hauls and manages agricultural feed and fertilizer as well as industrial and environmental, hazardous and non-hazardous bulk commodities in addition to general bulk materials, molten metals and flatbed freight. There is plenty of freight in need of qualified candidates to haul it. Work is available for semi-dumps, end dumps, tankers, pneumatic trailers, roll offs and flatbeds. Page Trucking is looking for both company drivers and owner-operators with specific skill sets to serve their customers. Hazmat endorsements are encouraged but not required.

Page Trucking does not lease purchase equipment, however the company has established credit relationships with regional banks that Professional Drivers can use independently to buy their first truck or upgrade their current truck. These banks offer preferred lending rates to Page contractors and also helps them to establish their own credit lines. Dan Titus said, “We want owner-operators to learn, develop and grow while working for Page Trucking. Fostering programs and encouraging independence from our contactor/partners is an important part of who we are and who they are. We have high standards of expectations from our drivers, but it comes with a financial premium to them as well.”

There are no age requirements on equipment, only that it must pass a DOT inspection. Page is leasing and hiring throughout the country, particularly East of the Mississippi.

Page Trucking is located in Weedsport, New York at the junction of I-90 and Rt. 34. The Titus family is proud to be a part of the Cato and Weedsport, New York communities and have actively supported both for many years. Dan has 4 children and Piper has 2 children – hopefully someday they too will join the company, carrying forward the Titus family’s business legacy for a 7th generation.

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Palmer and Herbert Titus.

Dan Titus