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​Optronics Introduces Three LED Light Bars with Combination Spot/Flood and Industry’s First Lifetime Warranty

September, 2017

TULSA, OK… Optronics International, a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty LED vehicle lighting, announced the release of three new LED Light Bars today. The new lamps come in 13-, 22- and 33-inch lengths, and each LED Light Bar projects a combination spot/flood beam pattern.

Optronics’ LED Light Bars can be used for a wide range of applications, on a broad assortment of vehicles and in almost any environment. The new lamps give users total flexibility and deliver from 3,700 to 7,500 lumens depending on their size.

The lamps will stand up to challenging conditions and cleaning methods because all carry an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, meaning increased reliability and service life. Each lamp comes with a no-hassles, one-diode lifetime warranty and Optronics will replace the lamp if even one diode fails.

“Our combination beam pattern, length selection, lifetime warranty and competitive price point make our three new LED Light Bars an unrivaled value,” Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International, said. “This family of lamps follows our corporate strategy aimed at delivering better value, better options and better lighting in every lighting category we enter.”

The three LED Light Bars feature tough polycarbonate lenses that resist dust adhesion. Each lamp is constructed with a durable, die-cast aluminum housing and mounting brackets and each comes complete with stainless steel hardware. The lamps are hardwired with 16-inch leads and are designed to accommodate both 12- and 24-volt electrical systems.

Optronics offers its distributors one of the widest arrays of merchandising tools in the heavy-duty industry, and it has applied its talents to the promotion of the LED Light Bars. Optronics has developed bold new packaging designs and attention-getting merchandising displays that will help the lamps compete in the retail environment.

“We’re excited about the lamps, the packaging and the merchandising,” Steve Redmon, vice president of sales and marketing for Diesel Equipment , said. “Optronics is an innovator in both lighting design and point-of-sale support and as one of their more than 12,000 channel partners, we appreciate their continued thought leadership and support.”

The new lamps are expected to begin shipping in early June 2017. The 13-inch LED Light Bar part numbers are UCL21CB bulk and UCL21CS retail. The 22-inch LED Light Bar part numbers are UCL20CB bulk and UCL20CS retail. The 33-inch LED Light Bar part numbers are UCL22CB bulk and UCL22CS retail. The lamps employ a solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock and vibration.

Optronics products are available in the U.S. and Canada through the company’s extensive distribution network of more than 12,000 convenient distribution locations. Users can access individual Optronics distributor websites by simply clicking on their logo icons. For information on international sales and distribution of Optronics products, please contact Dorian Drake at +1 (914) 697-9800, or visit