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​New Driverfacts White Paper Helps Carriers Decipher Crucial Driver Data For Retention Strategies

August, 2017

Anaheim, CA… Driver recruitment and retention are hot topics in the trucking industry and for good reason. Companies spend thousands of dollars and an endless number of hours hiring and training drivers while struggling to keep up with annual turnover rates. DriverFacts recently issued a new white paper to aid fleets in understanding what Smart Driver Retention Intelligence (SDRI) systems are and how to utilize data they collect for driver retention purposes. Companies can use this information as a springboard to create a viable plan of action for retention.

The white paper, entitled “Improving driver recruiting & retention: Putting data on your side with SDRI” from DriverFacts allows readers to:

•Explore the importance of SDRI systems

•Learn different ways to apply collected data and subsequent cost benefits

•Read one company’s experience and driver insights gained with DriverFacts’ system

Dave Widly, president of DriverFacts, recently spoke at the 2017 Recruitment and Retention Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. In his workshop, he told industry professionals how they can use driver data for retention purposes. He particularly highlighted the importance of having access to driver data, what that data tells companies and how they can use an SDRI system to understand what it means.

“Driver retention is more important than ever before in today’s market. It’s not enough to know certain data. It’s imperative to understand what it all means within the big picture,” said Widly. “Carriers can use information gathered from our SDRI system to identify patterns and breakdowns in the system to help prevent drivers from leaving in the first place.”

DriverFacts is a web-based system that automates data-driven compliance functions such as responses to incoming work history verification requests from prospective employers; management of driver drug and alcohol testing; and responses to driver requests for corrections and rebuttals. Their customizable SDRI system provides fleets with daily retention reports that show drivers with employment verification requests. This not only notifies a company that a driver is searching for another job, allowing a manager to connect with the driver before it is too late, but it also helps companies receive advanced notice of potential abandoned loads and future recruitment needs. SDRI systems not only save precious money and time, but they also allow carriers to become smarter about driver recruitment, learn how to maximize their investment in current drivers and facilitate a better driver atmosphere.

A complimentary version of the white paper can be viewed at