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​McClymonds Supply And Transit Build Breast Cancer Awareness Truck

By Steve Pollock

October, 2017

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PORTERSVILLE, PA… Cancer affects many families in America and the employees of McClymonds Supply and Transit in Portersville, PA are no exception. Among the families of the company’s employees are several Breast Cancer Survivors. So while the company was building a heavy haul Peterbilt glider for driver Kenny Blatt, he suggested that the company dedicate the truck to Breast Cancer Awareness. It wasn’t long until everyone was on board with the idea.

The 2017 Peterbilt 389 glider was purchased from Hunter Truck Sales and sent to Sean Hetrick for engine, transmission and driveline installation. Once installed, the truck went back to the McClymonds shop to be completed by their in-house mechanics, who installed the fenders, lift axle, hydraulic system, and a head ache rack. Since it is intended for use in heavy haul applications, the Pete was ordered with a double frame. The Peterbilt is powered by a C15 CAT and has an 18-speed transmission, 46,000 pound rear axle and 16,000-pound front axle. Because some of the O.D. loads that will be pulled are regional, the tractor was spec’d with a sleeper. Other custom features include a T.L. Woods full height headache rack with emergency lights and full stainless fenders from the Iowa 80 Chrome Shop.

The glider arrived painted white and, after careful consideration regarding a paint scheme, was sent to the McClymonds body shop where Nate Miller and his sons painted and decaled the truck. The truck sports the Breast Cancer Awareness logo with striping that is perfectly matched to the pink roof and fenders.

So far, the McClymonds Breast Cancer Awareness Truck has made the rounds at local fairs, truck shows and parades and will be going over the road this September. Thanks to all of the dedicated employees of McClymonds Supply and Transit for “Making A Difference”.

McClymonds Supply and Transit, located near Portersville, PA, has been a bulk hauler for over 70 years. The company operates over 500 trucks - a combination of triaxles , semi­ tractors and roll-offs.


Jan and Mark McClymonds, 3rd and 4th from the right with several McClymonds Supply and Transit employees and their family, including some Breast Cancer Survivors.