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​Jacobs And Daimler Trucks North America Sign New Long Term Agreement Through 2027

July, 2017

BLOOMFIELD, CT… Jacobs Vehicle Systems®, the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engine retarding systems and valve actuation mechanisms, has just signed a new long term agreement with Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) to ensure this long standing partnership continues well into the future.

With this new long term agreement, Jacobs and Daimler continue their long-standing relationship which began in 1962 when engine brakes were first installed on a Detroit Diesel Series 71 engine in an aftermarket application. Since the early 1980s, Jacobs Engine Brakes® have been standard equipment starting with the joint development of the Detroit Diesel S60 engine platform in 1984 and more recently the Daimler global engine platform that launched in 2007, where the Detroit™ DD13®, DD15® and DD16® engines are available in Daimler Trucks North America vehicles.

“This type of longevity would not exist without the strong collaboration between our engineering and commercial teams,” said Steve Ernest, Vice President, Engineering and Business Development at Jacobs Vehicle Systems. “When you combine Daimler’s world-class engineering team and global market presence with the world’s leading engine braking technologies, the end result can only drive success.”

The engine braking system represents the most advanced engine braking technology available on the market, and it is designed for high performance, rapid response, and extreme durability. In addition, the design is modular which allows for technology to be seamlessly adapted as market demands change.

“We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish with Daimler,” said Paul Paré, Director, Marketing at Jacobs Vehicle Systems. “Working with Daimler from the earliest stages of development can only lead to future benchmark products that meet the demands of our customers. This relationship is a testament to the global leadership of the Jake Brake® brand.”

Jacobs Vehicle Systems is the world’s leading producer of vehicle retarding and valve actuation technologies and can be found at