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Garden Spot Frame and Alignment Services – Customers Benefit From Bully Dog Engine Tunes

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August, 2018

EPHRATA, PA… Garden Spot Frame and Alignment Services, Inc., located at 108 Garden Spot Rd. in Ephrata, Pennsylvania has been a distributor for Bully Dog engine tuners for the past year. The company is so impressed with the performance of Bully dog that they have even installed them in their own wreckers. 

Customers love the extra power they get from Bully Dog as well as the improved fuel economy. Most trucks in a line haul application see fuel economy improvements of 3/10 to 5/10 mpg for each 1/10 of a mpg improvement the estimated fuel savings is approximately $1,000 per year. Each engine experiences different benefits with improved fuel economy and a better fuel burn. Bully Dog also provides longer DPF regen intervals and helps prolong the life of the DPF as well. An extra benefit from Bully Dog is analysis of engine fault codes, allowing the driver the option to keep on trucking or seek a service facility. The unit is easily installed and removed. Bully Dog is engine specific and is available for CAT, Cummins, Detroit and Paccar engines. The ECM tuner costs $999 and the GT tuner, which includes a driving coach is $1,899. Bully Dog is also EPA compliant.

The technicians at Garden Spot recommend a basic engine check to be sure the engine is operating properly. They will then provide an ECM print out as a baseline to check the Bully Dog’s performance. Bully Dog comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. In their first year as a Bully Dog distributor, Garden Spot Frame and Alignment has installed 25 Bully Dog units with no returns. Bully Dog is seeking additional distributors in select areas.

Garden Spot Frame and Alignment, Inc. was established in 1978 as a frame and alignment shop. The company was purchased by the present owner Barry Simpson in 1997 and was soon expanded to a full-service truck garage with a mobile service truck. In 2009, a second service truck was added and in 2012 Garden Spot Frame and Alignment added a full-service wrecker fleet. Today Garden Spot offers 24-hour towing and road service for their customer’s convenience. Over the years Garden Spot Frame and Alignment, Inc. has added three additional full-service shops, a second facility in Ephrata, PA; Leola, PA; and East Earl, PA. The company also operates a tow yard in Lancaster, PA.

Garden Spot Frame and Alignment prides itself in employing trained and certified mechanics and using the latest technologies. The company has 21 available service bays between the four locations. Garden Spot Frame and Alignment, Inc. has built their reputation on problem solving for their customers. Customers bring their trucks with alignment issues that other shops can’t solve for Garden Spot to figure out. Over the years the company has also expanded their portfolio of truck services. In addition to general truck and engine service, Garden Spot offers complete frame straightening and alignments, suspension work, axle eye repairs, complete driveshaft service including custom manufacturing, and welding and custom fabrication. An extensive parts inventory for all makes of trucks and trailers is available with additional availability through local dealers.

Whether you own one truck or one thousand trucks, Garden Spot Frame and Alignment, Inc. is ready to serve you. Call 717-738-2461 with service questions or to learn more about Bully Dog Engine Tunes.


Pictured left to right: Garden Spot Service Managers Dave Brown and Rob Byers with Bully Dog Sales Professional Becky Boone and the Fuel Mileage Doctor, Kevin Campbell.

Trained and certified technicians work at Garden Spot.

Rob Byers installs a Bully Dog unit.