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​Finally! A Custom-Built App Just for Car Enthusiasts and Gearheads: MotorCrush

July, 2017

Wilmington, DE… Andy Lally ALIVE, a next generation marketing technology innovator in the automotive and motorsports space, announced MotorCrush, a mobile app custom-built for car enthusiasts and gearheads. The MotorCrush app is now available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

“For people who are really into performance vehicles—whether they like high-end cars, hot rods, muscle cars, classics, drift cars, trucks, Jeeps, or motorcycles—there’s an insatiable desire to know more, to meet up, to talk about their vehicles, to compare what they have with others and to imagine new possibilities…but there have always been limits on how easy that connection was made,” said Andy Lally, 5 time Daytona 24 Hour race winner, multi-time road racing champion and principal of Andy Lally ALIVE. “MotorCrush changes this. It’s a really unique app and evolving social network for car enthusiasts that enables them to enhance the way they enjoy their hobby.”

MotorCrush makes it easy for car enthusiasts to find other like-minded individuals nearby through a unique, patent-pending geo-location feature. App users can “check in” their car when they want to tell others that they’re out cruising, or that they’ve arrived at an event. The in-app feed displays car check-ins in the user’s city, or even across the country. This feature dynamically creates car meets on the go, enabling users to connect, meet new people and use the app as a social network that supports their hobby.

MotorCrush users can:

•Connect with like-minded car enthusiasts

•Create their own profile and ‘show off’ their car so that others can admire it

•Tout modifications and enhancements to their car

•Like and follow other cars

•Message with other car owners or car groups

•Check in live so others can find them when they’re cruising

•Participate in live car meets

•Buy, sell and trade parts and other gear

•Get tips from enthusiasts who have customized their cars

“We wanted to package all of the right features together to connect the car culture in a way they would find compelling,” said David Atadan, Co-Founder of Andy Lally ALIVE. “Until now, there was no efficient way for them to easily meet up with friends and other enthusiasts on the fly. MotorCrush gives them a way to find out where friends or other enthusiasts they haven’t met yet are gathering. All without calling, texting or searching group pages for times and dates. It creates a new, passion-specific social network within the app.”

Andy Lally ALIVE is a partnership between 5 time Daytona 24 Hour race winner, multi-time road racing Champion and entrepreneur Andy Lally; Trellist, one of the most reputable marketing and technology firms in the northeastern United States; Jerry Raffa, an entrepreneur and automotive aficionado; and Carlisle Events, the successful producer of 12 annual collector car and truck events that attract over 500,000 enthusiasts each year.