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​Cooper Roadmaster – A Tire For Every Application

By Steve Pollock

June, 2018

FINDLAY, OH… Roadmaster commercial tires engineered by Cooper Tire have long been recognized as one of the most popular tire brands among owner-operators. Known for their durability, the Roadmaster brand offers a great balance between performance and value. Cooper Tire has engineered the entire Roadmaster tire line to be application specific for their customers. There are tires for long haul, regional haul, and mixed services, as well as pick-up and delivery – many of which are also SmartWay verified for superior fuel economy. No matter what type of work you do with your truck, Roadmaster Tires™ by Cooper has a tire for you.

Long haul truckers will like the RM852 EM™ premium 30/32nds drive tire that offers 3D Micro-Gauge™ siping and a solid shoulder design providing improved traction. The RM852 EM™ drive tire uses a premium tread compound and tread lugs that are uniquely designed to resists squirm, allowing for more even tread wear and longer tread life. The Roadmaster RM180+ EM™ is an 18/32nds long haul steer tire that is SmartWay verified for low rolling resistance with a modern tread pattern and high tensile strength four belt construction. For the trailer, the Roadmaster RM872 EM™ is a 12/32nds long haul tire offering exceptional performance with excellent fuel efficiency.

The Roadmaster Regional Haul series is designed for high scrub applications and stone ejection. These tires feature four full width high tensile strength steel belts. The RM234 EM™ and RM185™ are both all position tires for regional hauls. The RM185 HH™ is specifically designed for heavy haulers with a five rib tread design and four full width high tensile steel belts. For spread axle trailers, Roadmaster tires has designed the RM272™. It features a special tread compound designed to minimize tire scrub when turning with a spread axle trailer, along with a rounded shoulder profile and stone ejector ribs. The tread compound also reduces cutting and chipping of the tire as well. For regional pick-up and delivery, the open shoulder Roadmaster RM254™ drive is the tire of choice for the traction and tread wear associated with frequent stopping and acceleration.

Roadmaster’s Mixed Service line is designed to operate in a variety of environments. The RM230 WH™ is ideally suited for waste haulers with a special high wear resistant compound that reduces tread wear, protects sidewalls and reduces tire scrub. This tire has a deep 24/32nds tread depth for cut and chip resistance. The Roadmaster RM230 HH™ is a 22/32nds on/off road all position tire for heavy haulers. A robust tread pattern and rubber compound and four high tensile strength steel belts provide retreadability, superior tread wear and cutting and chipping resistance. The new RM332 WB™ is a heavy-duty 23/32nds wide base tire designed for the steer axle in on and off road service. The RM300 HH™ is a rugged 29/32nds on/off road drive tire designed for heavy haulers.

Pick-up and delivery tires require high scrub resistance; stone ejectors and curb bars to maximize tire life. Roadmaster offers the RM234 EM™ SmartWay verified all position tire. The Roadmaster RM170™ is an all-position tire for pick-up and delivery applications in 17.5 and 19.5 sizes. It can also be used on low platform trailers.

Beverage haulers can use the RM254™ open shoulder 26/32nds drive tire with confidence. It can also be used on straight trucks or delivery trucks. It has an aggressive tread pattern and robust tie-bars, stone protector ledge and curb bar with sidewall depth indicator. The Roadmaster RM253™ is an ideal tire for pick-up and delivery applications needing 19.5 sizing. It is designed for traction in all kinds of weather and has a robust center rib, modern traction tread pattern with a stone protector ledge and curb bar with sidewall depth indicator.

No matter what your application, Roadmaster commercial tires has what you need and they stand strongly behind their product offering a two-cap casing buyback warranty.

For more information about Roadmaster tires, visit or contact your local Roadmaster dealer.