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​Calling On All Truckers

June, 2018

Are YOU tired of the government telling us how to run our trucking businesses the way they think it should be run, making our rules and regulations without ever stepping into a truck, let alone driving one across our great nation?

If you are tired of it all, the ELD mandate, the HOS and the new HR4 bill that just passed for company drivers, it’s time to make a STAND brothers and sisters. The negative impacts will be detrimental to our industry and wages and it needs to come to a STOP. If you are willing to STAND with us, please join us on Facebook “THAT’S A BIG 10-4 ON D.C.” This is our plan: October 4th 2018 we will be convoying together from a location to be determined at a later date to stage trucks. This will be a professional organized group and we are asking for everyone to take the time to get your rigs cleaned inside and out because we will be doing a meet and greet with the surrounding public. We want to show them the professionals that we are and educate them on safety around us and how we live in our trucks so they can understand what we go through. We are staying from October 4th to the 6th and some will be holding meetings with congressman, FMCSA and everyone is welcome to make their own meetings with whoever choose or to stay by their trucks. We are going to be talking to the public about how government forced mandates are effecting the public with rising costs of living, the negative impact it is having on safety for you and your families on our highways. Drivers it is time to make a stand and if we don’t stand now nothing will ever change for the good but only for the worse.

Again follow ”THAT’S A BIG 10-4 ON D.C” on Facebook. If you do not have Facebook these are the contacts you can email to get more information on this subject or if you want to know how you can help out. Travel safe everyone and hope to see a lot of you down there with us.

Please reach out to:

Allen and Bonnie Kelly at

Ray Friend at

Brian Brase at

Mike Landis a