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​American-Truckers’ Legal Association Always There for the Truckers

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September, 2017

Fighting for the trucker in its 30th year, American-Truckers’ Legal Association (ATLA) has been on the side of drivers no matter what the circumstances – whether it is a 10-year recession, harsh trucking regulations, or a variety of legal issues that impact their lives.

Mel and June Palmquist, Founders and Directors, established ATLA as a premier legal service in May 1988 with a heart for the truckers and their families. From day one, they, and their staff, have been dedicated to protecting the drivers’ CDL and assisting them with any legal issue. Mel and June recognized 30 years ago, that truckers needed someone to come beside them and provide legal help while they were out there on the road trying to make a living; juggling between work and family needs. ATLA’s success and reputation have been built upon a firm foundation of integrity, knowledge, and a commitment to represent its members with understanding and respect.

ATLA provides for truckers a large network of discounted, knowledgeable attorneys across the United States and Canada. With a history of success in traffic and trucking-related legal cases, they work for ATLA members at reduced, flat-fee rates; instead of costly hourly rates.

With staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ATLA tells the drivers to shift over the burden of their legal problems; and go on down the road to make a living. The members do not have to perform their own legal paperwork; like a do-it-yourself program may require. ATLA staff takes the legal problem from beginning to finish. Once the matter is placed with an attorney, the driver speaks directly with their legal counsel and ATLA helps with a portion of the legal costs for its existing members. The trucking attorney and the trucker take it from there, and ATLA stands by to assist its member.

ATLA has a 90% + win rate for the truckers; with cases having positive outcomes and wins. The Better Business Bureau rates them with an “A” rating – a testimony for the way ATLA conducts business with its members and the legal community. Membership dues have not been raised in 16 years to keep costs down for the drivers.

With a “come as you are” policy, truckers call ATLA with a ticket in hand, and they can receive help. They do not have to jump through hoops and a complicated set of programs; only to learn they were in the wrong “program” all along so there is no help. ATLA keeps it simple and no-nonsense: a standard program, a pre-existing program, and a discounted company program. All drivers are given “free reviews” on their cases to determine what type of legal help is available for their issue.

When a need for language interpretation is needed, ATLA makes efforts to assist the trucker. ATLA interpreters have accompanied its members, when possible, into court, and with attorneys, when the trucker needs the assistance.

ATLA has remained a beacon in the trucking industry 30 years for the trucker; there to fight for their needs in a compassionate and respectful way. While other services have come and gone, ATLA was the first out there, and remains strong and true for the truckers every day.

With the laser purpose of lifting the legal burdens of the truckers, and doing it with caring and integrity, ATLA fights for the drivers and works hard to protect them. Truckers are told not to just pay that ticket, cave to the DAC or CSA issues, or give up on a legal issue impacting their lives. They are urged to get it to ATLA. There the case will be investigated, answers provided to them, and help offered whenever possible.

Call 1-800-525-HAUL (4285) any time – any day. Email questions to Check out the website at Get the premier, experienced help you need when you need it. Truckers have to protect their CDL – their living and their families. Trucking regulations and the industry level threats against the trucker daily. ATLA stays strong and true for the truckers every day, every time.


Mel & June Palmquist